Hello. We are d4. Launch card.
Hello we are d4. Virtual & Hybrid Event Tech for Boutique Conferences, Meetings and Special Events.  We are getting ready to change how meetings and events get done. We are building a different kind of Event Tech and AV company.  We are excited. Its hard work.  But its fun too. With years on years of live event experience and a keen understanding of how events work we are confident in ourselves to be the best. You can get in on the newest information by sending us a quick note here

Virtual Events are a powerful way to keep meetings going.  Understanding the in’s and out’s of how they work is an important first step in planning them.  Hybrid Events, an evolution in how meetings reach audiences are more so.  Braiding the traditional meeting tech with the new offers the most exciting oppertunies for meeting planners and event producers. We recognize this and this is where we’ll offer the greatest value to our partners. 

To learn more about Virtual & Hybrid Event Tech you can check out these great sources:

Great information from an industry pro.  Lots of great stuff from Corbin Ball.

Online courses for events industry pro’s, taught by industry pro’s. 


Better Service. Better Tech. Better Price.