Virtual & Hybrid Events for 2021

Virtual & Hybrid Events for 2021
Virtual & Hybrid Events 2021
Virtual & Hybrid Events for 2021

We will get right to the point here: Virtual and Hybrid Events have grow exponentially in the last 14 months. And the industry has reacted in exciting ways.  Virtual and Hybrid Events work because Audio Visual and Tech suppliers have switched the mindset, turned up the creative energy to keep events moving forward. This new energy has created some awesome ways that fit the new ways to meet.

Here is a list of some ideas for Virtual & Hybrid Events for 2021 that will get your own planning juices flowing.

Ι – Q&A

is always an important part of your events.  Virtual Events have this built right in.  Use the chat feature.  Virtual Event platforms of all shapes and sizes will have a great chat feature to ensure ‘level one’ interactivity for your virtual audiences. For hybrid events where every aspect of the onsite element is being scrutinized for COVID safety (as they should) traditional Q&A mics in the aisle is being discouraged. So, what to do?  Any virtual or hybrid platform will have a companion event app that can easily be taken advantage of for Q&A.  And if they do not, the mobile version of the platform will be available. Onsite participants and virtual participants for that matter can easily use their own device to ask questions. Having an experienced virtual or hybrid event moderator of course is important here for screening questions and ensuring they get to the right place.

Ι – Gamification for virtual events

will really activate your attendees through your platforms mobile app by adding gamification challenges.   As a result, audiences stay engaged during the event. From simply awarding points to participants for using the app’s features drives participation.  Points for adding comments or questions pushes engagement.  Providing sponsored gifts as prizes is a great way to get them going too. Check out how this group provides virtual event gamification.

Ι –Live polling during sessions

is as easy as the chat feature. If your chosen platform does not have a polling feature, which would be unusual, there are additional stand alone apps that will fit nicely into your event flow.  Create these polls and get the information you need from your attendees. Here is one virtual event polling app that we’d recommend.

Ι – Virtual Trade Shows/Exhibitor Booths

are very doable too.  Whether you are producing a large 1,000 booth trade show or a series of table top booths know that it can be done in several ways. Several virtual event platforms contain tradeshow features. Some platforms specialize in just tradeshows. While others provide no special features. Either way there are solutions. Using the breakout feature available in some virtual platforms works great for exhibitors to have their own virtual space. Using file share features built into some platforms works well too.

Ι –1:1 appointments for your hybrid audiences

are great for exhibitors. When looking at platforms to use for your events with a tradeshow portion, look for built in features for sponsors or exhibitors to be able to schedule 1:1 meetings. If your chosen platform does not, there are stand alone apps available that can provide this service. Networking apps are great tools.

Ι –Send swag to your virtual attendees

who register early.  Build ‘Welcome’ boxes and have them delivered. Contents can reflect sponsorship levels or registration levels.  Visit these fine folks and see what they can do for your virtual or hybrid event.

ΙΙ -Mixology lessons – Virtual & Hybrid Events for 2021 – See what’s possible by checking here.

ΙΙ -Cooking lessons from the comfort of your own home – Hire a chef and cook up a great Virtual or Hybrid Event.

ΙΙ -Throw a dance party.

Need more ideas 0r help realizing your own?  We’d love to help. Connect with us and we’ll get planning together.